Resilience Inspire Self Empower

R.I.S.E. stands for Resilience, Inspire, Self – Empower, and teaches the “How To” of Resilience.  

Resilience is key.

Provides students with perspective and flexibility necessary to function at a high level when faced with life's  challenges.

Emotional Intelligence(EQ) for life.

R.I.S.E  improves lives, benefits students, and brings value to our society through teaching the "how to" of Resilience.

You control how you think.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from life's inevitable disappointments, failures, and pain.

You decide what to feel.

Learn  how to turn failure to wisdom, weakness to strength, and fear to courage.

R.I.S.E: making students socially, emotionally, and academically stronger.

Incorporating tech skills of tomorrow into classrooms of today will help bridge the knowledge gap for future employability.

R.I.S.E: Sharpening the focus on social-emotional skills

Social-emotional skills provide students with the perspective and flexibility necessary to function at a high level even when faced with uncertainty, change, pressure, stress, and other work and life challenges.

You are in control

 Helping students develop greater social-emotional skills will not only help them in their professional lives but also will help them pursue happier and healthier personal lives.

Dealing with Bullies

Research has found high-level social-emotional skills developed during childhood are correlated with a number of beneficial long-term health and well-being outcomes as adults, including lower rates of obesity, substance abuse, and criminal activity, and greater satisfaction in relationships and positive contribution.

Better is our goal.

Studies show social and emotional competencies can increase cognitive skills, measured by academic achievement tests, by up to 11 percent. In fact, student mindsets are twice as predictive of a student’s academic achievement than their home environment or demographic,

We teach students tools and strategies to flourish.


Self - Empower




  • R.I.S.E teaches Resilience. Will-power, Grit, Non-Cognitive ,  which ever term you prefer - all are essential skills to be successful in school and life. Our dual-purpose education practices provide students with high cognitive and non-cognitive skills both of which are not only necessary but essential for success.


Self - Empower




  • R.I.S.E provides knowledge, skills, tools and strategies which creates an aptitude to awaken the light that lies inside each of us.  


Self - Empower

Self - Empower

Self - Empower


Self -Empower

  •  R.I.S.E prepares students for success in school and life by creating a sense of self understanding of one’s own abilities to control emotions,. R.I.S.E creates an identity that contributes to positive self esteem and an understanding of control, empowerment, and purpose, skills necessary for employability in the age of artificial intelligence.