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We teach the "How to" of Resilience

R.I.S.E: Resilience, Inspire, Self-empower

Resilience Curriculum




R.I.S.E explains Resilience, Will-power, Grit, or Non-Cognitive which ever term you prefer - are skills which are essential to be successful in school and life. Our dual-purpose education practices provide students with cognitive and non-cognitive skills both of which are essential to be successful.




R.I.S.E provides knowledge, skills, and attitudes to awaven the light that lies inside each of us.  

Self - Empower



 R.I.S.E prepares students for life in creating a sense of self: an understanding of one’s own strengths, abilities, emotions, and identity that contribute to positive self esteem and a sense of purpose;

My Blog: Why willpower and Grit are essential to student S

 What makes some people successful while others fail? What one ingredient is essential for success? Every successful person has something in common which has allowed them to get to the point of success, however they may define it. There are obvious practical skills they’ve picked up along the way, and their lives are better because of these strategies and skills. Standardized education is not the common denominator for success. The answer is resilience.


Giving the Tools to set up your students for success

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Giving the tools to set up our students for success.  Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.