Making students mentally stronger. Making classrooms better.

Resilience Curriculum

R.I.S.E. Resilience, Inspire, Self-Empower

What we are all about.  

We teach the tools and strategies to flourish.




  • R.I.S.E teaches Resilience, Will-power, Grit, Non-Cognitive ,  which ever term you prefer - are essential skills to be successful in school and life. Our dual-purpose education practices provide students with cognitive and non-cognitive skills both of which are not only necessary but essential to be successful.




  • R.I.S.E provides knowledge, skills, and attitudes to awaken the light that lies inside each of us.  


Self - Empower


Self -Empower

  •  R.I.S.E prepares students for life in creating a sense of self: an understanding of one’s own strengths, abilities, emotions, and identity that contribute to positive self esteem and a sense of purpose;