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We teach the "How " of Resilience

R.I.S.E Curriculum gives tools and strategies to control how to think and the power to decide what to feel. 

Resilience, INspire, self-Empower: solving mainstream problems

R. I. S. E: Our belief is for all to learn that no matter how hard school or life becomes, you can not only get through it, but can flourish. Resilience Curriculum teaches how.




R.I.S.E teaches Resilience, Will-power, Grit, Non-Cognitive ,  which ever term you prefer - are essential skills to be successful in school and life. Our dual-purpose education practices provide students with cognitive and non-cognitive skills both of which are not only necessary but essential to be successful.




R.I.S.E provides knowledge, skills, and attitudes to awaken the light that lies inside each of us.  


Self - Empower


Self -Empower

 R.I.S.E prepares students for life in creating a sense of self: an understanding of one’s own strengths, abilities, emotions, and identity that contribute to positive self esteem and a sense of purpose;


We Solve Mainstream problems in a cost effective way. PROVIDE THE essential TOOLS TO SET UP Your school FOR SUCCESS.

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Resilience Curriculum is now in the form of a digital magazine.  Like a Kindle Version it can easily be used by teachers on  Promethean Boards or students on Chrome Books to make practices to students efficient and effective. The 22 practices are written in a user friendly format for ease of instruction.  Each practice comes with an introductory video.

School Administrators: Be a part of our over 1,000 students and growing in our Resilience Curriculum Program.