Sheryl Habing, 7th Grade Teacher


Kalid Arca, 7th Grade Special Education Science Teacher

 “Very powerful tool in making a positive DIFFERENCE to the students of JCMS. Based from the positive behavioral, oral and written responses of my students.”  

Bridgette Romero, Middle School Instructional Coach

 “This is a lifesaving curriculum for our kids.”  s.

Brenden Kelley, 6th Grade Teacher

 “RISE is easy to follow, requires little planning on part of teacher, and is exactly what our students at JCMS need. RISE is easy to implement on a daily basis.”  

Faith Grattan, 7th Grade Teacher

 “The students are engaged in the material and participate fully (attendance is only issue).  I think overall the curriculum is wonderful and the students get a lot out of it.”  

Anna Marie Caparoso, Middle School Teacher

 “Students were able to control their emotions and they tried to make a right decision.”  

Thank you


Our Vision:

  • Everything we do enriches students’ innate ability to awaken the light that lies within.

Our Mission: 

  • R.I.S.E is a culturally Relevant and Inspirational non-traditional educational model which builds Self and Empowers, by deliberately teaching the “how” of resilience through dual purpose instruction in cognitive and non-cognitive skills to help all children succeed in school and life.