Bridgette Romero, Middle School Instructional Coach


 “This is a lifesaving curriculum for our kids.”  

Anna Marie Caparoso, Middle School Teacher


 “Students were able to control their emotions and they tried to make a right decision.”  

Faith Grattan, 7th Grade Teacher


 “The students are engaged in the material and participate fully (attendance is only issue).  I think overall the curriculum is wonderful and the students get a lot out of it.”  

Kalid Arca, 7th Grade Special Education Science Teacher


 “Very powerful tool in making a positive DIFFERENCE to the students of JCMS. Based from the positive behavioral, oral and written responses of my students.”  

Sheryl Habing, 7th Grade Teacher



Brenden Kelley, 6th Grade Teacher


 “RISE is easy to follow, requires little planning on part of teacher, and is exactly what our students at JCMS need. RISE is easy to implement on a daily basis.”  

James Philips, 7th Grade Teacher



“Happy to be aboard and move this forward! Students need to learn how to persevere through difficulties.” 

Joy Garrat, 6th Grade Teacher, NM State Representative


“Great concepts--challenging to integrate everything in allotted time.” 

Anne Bateman, Middle School Orchestra Teacher


 “In my opinion this program is going to benefit all of our staff and student population at JCMS.  I support the program 100%."

Simona Muniz, 7th Grade Social Studies


 “I don't have to plan for advisory! The kids are receptive!!” 

Rosema Dzinaliza, Former Advisor Ministry of Education; Former Director of Civitas, B&H Sarejevo, EU


"I am impressed and thankful for I have had opportunity to view the content.

Although your school system cannot be compared to ours in the Balkans, I think, as an educator, the idea is fantastic for the following reasons:
Emotional intelligence has always been neglected in school systems and has never been attached to this life segment in the development of young people. This segment in personality development is extremely important, because young people form in personality during the period of education.

The focus of education is not only on the students, but also teachers who need to have the skills to identify different problems with students. These skills each teacher MUST possess to work with young people, because they are not acquired through learning, but by feeling. 

Resilience is therefore the key to education, and the goal of every teacher and parent is for the student to come to school with motivation.

Because of all of the above, I think the program is great because it covers the most important components in personality development, which are, among other things, identity and integrity."

Resilience is Key!

Close to 1000 students ranging from 6th-8th grade are on the frontline.  They like all students across this country are on the frontline battling distraction, spectacle, and entertainment.  They are bombarded with criticism, fear, and unrestrained emotions.  But, these students are different.  They are fighting back with tools and strategies of the virtue of resilience.  They are learning they can control how they think. And they are understanding they have the power to decide how they feel.  And when they do get hit with life's inevitable disappointment, failures, and pains. They now have a utility belt of tools, and a force field of strategies which protect them and insulate them from taking on the brunt force of life.  They won't be overwhelmed.  They will get through this knowing how to turn failure to wisdom, weakness to strength, and fear to courage.  And they will learn to flourish.

Our curriculum is improving lives, benefitting students, and bringing value to our society through teaching the "how to" of resilience  We teach emotional Intelligence (EI).